Populiariausi internetiniai žaidimai

Šiuo metu internetiniai žaidimai yra ant bangos. Jie išpopuliarėjo, nes žaidžiama prieš tikrus varžovus, o ne prieš kompiuterius.

Patys populiariausi online žaidimai:

  • Counter strike
  • Counter strike source
  • Quake
  • Linage
  • GTA San andreas
  • SIMS
  • Day of Defeat

Ir kiti, juos žaidžia ne tik vaikai, bet ir suaugusieji. Manome kad jų populiarumas, tikrai nenublės.

Kompiuterinis žaidimas – žaidimas, žaidžiamas naudojant kompiuterį. Šiuo metu kompiuteriniu žaidimu laikomas tas žaidimas, kuris žaidžiamas asmeniniu kompiuteriu. Taip pat kompiuteriniais žaidimais vadinami ir video žaidimai. Skirtumas tarp jų tas, kad video žaidimai žaidžiami kompiuteriu, kurio pagrindinė paskirtis – žaidimai. Šis kompiuteris vadinamas žaidimų konsole.

Simuliatoriai – šio žanro žaidimuose svarbiausia yra tikroviškumas. Jie atkuria tam tikrus realaus dabarties, praeities ar įsivaizduojamo ateities gyvenimo veiksmus – pavyzdžiui, orlaivių pilotavimą, krepšinio žaidimą ar net seifų laužimą. Tikrame gyvenime simuliatoriai atitinka realius veiksmus, kuriuos jie atkuria.


Euro Truck simulator 2 – Reasons, why you should at least try out mods

Euro Truck simulator 2 is the latest version of “Euro Truck simulator” game model,
which gives the player an opportunity to increase the enjoyment even more, than
before, while playing the first version, as the latest one has a lot of
functions to offer!

As you may know, the popularity of Euro Truck simulator 2
is remarkably increasing, as not even the creators constantly update it, but
also the highly interested players are trying to modify game’s components to
make it even more attractive. That’s why I decided to write an article, which
would show the main reasons, why you should at least try out Euro Truck
simulator 2 modifications. No matter that, I will explain the content of the
game for those, who have never tried to play it. Hopefully, this kind of agitate
article will boost your excitement and desire to try it out. Read more… »

World of tanks mods – everything you need to know!

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to have your
personal tank and fight against your enemies? I am sure you did – gladly, that
few years ago a game, which is called “World of tanks” was created. Belarusian virtual fighting game since release date
became one of the most attractive 20th century wars symbolizing game.
Actually, today I will comprehensively talk about the essence of the game and
especially about its modifications. I truly believe that article will be useful
and you after reading content will become extremely curious about it and will
decide to try it out.

I think that the best way to start our article would be
with short explanation, which will allow to understand the main idea of World of
tanks. Thus, as I have said, game model is based on 20th century’s
wars. In the game you are nothing, but a fighter – virtual game gives you an
opportunity to have your own tank and in this way try to become the best. Also,
I would like to mention, that World of tanks offers players a great atmosphere –
no matter that the surroundings, the texture’s quality is extraordinarily
fantastic, sound system, which might be noticed when, as example shooting, is
more than amazing.

Lietuviškas Counter Strike: Global Offensive puslapis

Kiekvieną dieną mes įkeliame naujų ir gana keletą įdomių naujienų, failų, pamokų, video įrašų ir kt.
Šiame tinklapyje galite rasti daugelių atsakymų į jūsų klausimus.
HLDJ – Programa Counter-Strike Global Offensive žaidimui.

SDK – Su šita programa,galėsit kur savo žemėlapius.